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Developing a New Product

Point-of-Purchase packaging is very important, particularly for consumer products. Whether it’s a bag, box or label, the package is the only way the manufacturer can communicate with the potential customer.

The main purpose of a package is to tell the customer what’s inside. Does the label do that?

The package needs to try to convince the customer why buying his product is better than buying the competitor’s. Does the label do that?

The package should look professionally designed and executed, which will instill confidence and trust for the product. Does the label do that?

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Embossed Labels Increase Sales and Prevent Counterfeit Product

Thanks to new developments in the label industry, companies can package their products in a more appealing, attention-grabbing presentation than ever before. Embossed labels are an advanced technology that is called tactile packaging, meaning giving texture to a label. Embossed labels feature raised words on a label, often done for the company logo. Embossing a label is much less expensive to accomplish using recent technology.

One of the main advantages of embossed labels is that studies have shown that tactile packaging increases sales. The added texture gives character and a feel to the label, which enhances its appeal. By producing a professional looking label, it instills confidence in the consumer, feels good to hold in your hand, and thus increases sales.

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