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Nutrition, Diet and Vitamin Product Marketing | Product Labeling

Nutrition, Diet and Vitamin Marketing | Product Labeling | Hollywood Florida

We’ve done label comparisons on supplement products several times in the past, so we’ll save you the diatribe about just how unregulated the industry is (which also means pretending all claims are legitimate, for the sake of the blog of course). A quick troll of any bodybuilding forum will teach you that there are innumerable protein powder brands on the market, and that despite the lack of any proven science behind the claims, every muscle-bound gym rat is convinced their favorite is the best. We chose two popular brands with two completely different approaches to label design for this week’s Good Label vs. Bad Label. Continue reading “Nutrition, Diet and Vitamin Product Marketing | Product Labeling” »

Label Design Redefined | Professionally Designed Labels

We’re taking a quick break from “Good Label vs. Bad Label” this week because we came across a fascinating article that we simply couldn’t ignore. Package and Design Magazine’s Linda Casey penned an article about a budding design trend in the world of craft beers. Needless to say, the minute we’re done, we’re heading to the nearest pub with our growlers in tow (for now). Continue reading “Label Design Redefined | Professionally Designed Labels” »

Vitamin and Nutritional Labels | Airborne vs Emergen-C

Vitamin and Nutritional Labels | Hollywood Florida

For most, October signifies the true beginning of the fall season. Temperatures drop and attitudes typically shift to welcome the cooler weather and the beginning of holiday festivities. But with fall also comes the not-so-welcome cold and flu season. It’s still early, but several of my colleagues are already coming in to work with a cough instead of staying home and not spreading it to me. So, we figured this would be as good a time as any to scrutinize the labels of two over-the-counter “immune support” products designed to ward off a cold, or at least lessen the severity of its symptoms and duration. Continue reading “Vitamin and Nutritional Labels | Airborne vs Emergen-C” »

Turkey TKO: Jennie-O vs. Oscar Mayer

Ok, we just want to start out by saying that for the purposes of this blog, the term “label” is subjective. We’re going to analyze these packages of turkey bacon based on their respective package label designs. Turkey bacon is widely considered to be a health food, as it is a naturally leaner alternative to regular, pork bacon. Sure, you and I may prefer the taste to traditional bacon, but die-hard bacon bacon fans (and we know there are plenty of you out there) would vehemently disagree. So, we’re going to assume that the average turkey bacon buyer is making their decision based on the perceived health benefits of each product. With that in mind, let’s begin this week’s version of Good Label vs. Bad Label!

Continue reading “Turkey TKO: Jennie-O vs. Oscar Mayer” »

Hydroxycut vs. Xenadrine: Who Will Melt the Competition?

Regardless of the lack of FDA approval, the supplement market is a booming business. Two long-time players, Hydroxycut and Xenadrine, have remained top competitors for years. You’ve seen the commercials – both young men and women swear that they dropped the pounds and earned those six-pack abs solely by taking either of the thermogenic supplements. Despite the controversy, we felt that since these two diet supplements have similar revenue streams and higher marketing budgets, it would be fair to include them in this week’s “Good Label vs. Bad Label.”

Continue reading “Hydroxycut vs. Xenadrine: Who Will Melt the Competition?” »

Allegra vs. Claritin: Who’s the Clear Victor?

Allegra made news earlier in the year for receiving FDA approval to be sold over-the-counter, enabling us to compare the best-selling allergy medication with a long-standing OTC competitor, Claritin. Aside from the respective sales performance of each drug, we’re going to take a look at which has the more effective label.

Continue reading “Allegra vs. Claritin: Who’s the Clear Victor?” »

Doggie Dental Chews: Who’s Top Dog?

If you’re a “dog person,” you know that these lovable little creatures aren’t just pets – they’re family; and so do pet food companies like Pedigree and Greenies. Our fuzzy friends may not really care which treat you buy for them as long as they get one, but marketing managers know they’re not appealing to Fido – they’re going after your love and concern for your pet’s health and wellbeing. So who will win this doggie dental chew feud? Read on to find out.

Continue reading “Doggie Dental Chews: Who’s Top Dog?” »

Organix vs. L’Oreal Shampoo:Who Has the Better Label?

Thanks to the internet and the technological revolution in general, the average consumer is more informed than ever before. Innate planners, women in particular turn to the Web for advice, opinions and reviews from other women on beauty products. From the hundreds of thousands of YouTube beauty how-to’s, to forums filled with self-proclaimed “experts,” today’s woman has access to an unprecedented arsenal of the latest beauty information, trends and tips.

Continue reading “Organix vs. L’Oreal Shampoo:Who Has the Better Label?” »

Cosmetic Products | Which Cosmetic Label Reigns Supreme?

Cosmetic Product Labels | South Florida | Revlon | Covergirl

When it comes to cosmetic labels, appearance is just about everything. It has been proven that women tend to give more weight to the appearance of a product label than men do, and considering the intended purpose of makeup, it is particularly important here. This week, we’re examining two brands of “age-defying” makeup foundation. But before you judge these books by their cover, remember that while females take label design into consideration, they also want a trustworthy product that will truly deliver on its age-erasing claims.

Continue reading “Cosmetic Products | Which Cosmetic Label Reigns Supreme?” »

Effective Label Design for the Web

This week, we’re taking a sabbatical from good ol’ Good Label vs. Bad Label to acknowledge the special challenges facing label designers in regards to online marketing. When consumers shop online, they use their traditional store shopping experience as a frame of reference. Shopping online is intended to be more convenient, easy and enjoyable than getting dressed and driving to a physical store. In a world where a hand touch is replaced by a mouse click and three-dimensional packages are reduced to two-dimensional thumbnail images, label design must adapt accordingly.

While most websites attempt to mimic the in-store shopping experience as closely as possible, many still ignore the fundamental concept of presentation. Tailoring a professionally designed label to the environment in which it will be displayed makes a world of difference, particularly to a company’s bottom line. Despite the fact that product images must fit into a grid system on a site, the label must still meet our three criteria for quality label design:

Continue reading “Effective Label Design for the Web” »

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Good Label vs. Bad Label

Product Label Printing Helpful Hints & Tips

Product Label Enthusiast, Bob Schwartz of Blue Ribbon Tag & Label in South Florida provides helpful hints and tips when designing and printing a label or tag for your product. We hope you find this video blog helpful when determining … Continue reading