Who is the Hotter Jerk?
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Spring is officially here!  Although depending on where you live you may have thought spring has been here for a while. With spring comes barbeques. And what is better than some spicy, jerk seasoned chicken wings hot off the grill?  This week we are examining two spicy Boston Jerk Seasoning labels.  Ocho Rios Jerk Original Boston Seasoning and JCS- Jamaican Country Style Boston Jerk Seasoning.  These two seasoning contain almost the same ingredients.  Both are products of Jamaica, inspired by the Boston area of Jamaica.

1.       Does the label announce what’s inside the package?

The JCS label is very easy to read, boldly telling you that this is Boston Jerk Seasoning- very hot and spicy. There is a little history of jerk barbequing on the back of the label is interesting when you take the time to read it. Although the JCS logo takes up as much space on the label as the Boston Jerk Seasoning, you defiantly know what is in this jar.   The Ocho Rios label is a very colorful, professionally designed label depicting a meal using the seasoning with some the peppers, garlic and other seasoning ingredients around the meal.    This label is rather busy with information all over it.  The little thermometer on the side even rates the product on a spicy scale. If the viewer takes the time to read all the information you will know everything you need to know about this product. Both labels announce what is in it but the JCS label is very clear (almost too clear) and very easy to read at a glance.

2.        Does the label attract attention?

As we mentioned above the Ocho Rios label is very colorful.  The warm yellow background plays nicely with the rich brown color of the seasoning in the jar.  The image of the food and vegetables on the label conjure up memories of a great, perfectly seasoned meal prepared in the warm outdoors.  The starkness of the JCS label grabs your attention but no wonderful image is inspired by its label.  The label does use the colors of the Jamaican flag in the stripes trimming the label but a Jamaican flag would be a better representation of its origin. The JCS logo is front and center of this design but does nothing to promote the product.  The hummingbird in the logo is only a poorly drawn distraction.  This label does not look like much thought or design went into it.  The Ocho Rios label is a much hotter label.

 3.       Does the label instill confidence?

The simplicity and the starkness of the JCS label gives it a generic feel more like a supermarket brand than an imported item. JCS tries to instill confidence with the placement of a gold award seal dated 1994, informing you that the brand has been around awhile.  One would think after more than 15 years they would design a better label. The Ocho Rios logo contains a nice sunset with five red stars – not sure what the stars are representing.  But stars usually mean well done.  The ingredients and directions are in three languages giving the impression that this is an imported product used in other countries.  Knowing nothing of either brands reputation the Ocho Rios with its warm colors and thought out label gives it a more confident look.

The clear and colorful winner in this spicy contest is the Ocho Rios label. The JCS label defeated itself with too simple of a design.

I invite you to participate in the “Good Label, Bad Label” forum. We’ve all seen a bad label or twelve, so please feel free to send us some awesomely bad examples and your submission could be included in our series!

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