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Food & Specialty Labels | Coffee Comparison

Food Labels and Design | South FloridaWhen walking into the nearest super market and objectively looking to purchase coffee, one usually might come into a feud between Folgers and Maxwell House brands. A costumer might think well, “the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup!” or  “I think my parents drank Maxwell House every morning”, at that point decision making would become a battle of the labels.

1. Does the label announce what’s inside the package?

If one is looking for a box that says good ole coffee, without getting fancy, on the front of its packaging, than no, neither of these choices do that. If one somewhat knows what they are doing when purchasing coffee, they’d probably stare at these two options before making a choice. From packaging alone, Maxwell House displays a cup of coffee on the front making it a little bit clearer of what they are selling.

2. Does the label attract attention?

Both labels are attractive yet are very different. Folgers went with the red packaging and sunrise illustration on the labeling, which is smart because red goes well with the warmth of coffee and the sun rising with waking up early, but the contrast of the labeling and package are little too close so it’s hard for the label to really jump at you visually. Maxwell House on the other hand has blue packaging, which doesn’t necessarily go well with the warmth of coffee but shows coffee beans and says “Rich Original,” which is clearer to the consumer of what they are buying. The contrast of color between the blue and the labeling also makes for clear communication. Folgers “Classic Roast” description, may be a little bit confusing to new coffee buyers.

3. Does the label instill confidence?

Both brands have amazing reputations and due to advertising (and Folgers ridiculously catchy jingle) are household names. Each label also has it’s meaning and catches the eye but it is clear that Maxwell House’s label simply has more purpose and better contrast that makes it more appealing to the eye. With a coffee cup and coffee beans right there on the label it just instills a little bit more confidence in the product than Folgers. Although Folgers has an attract scenery on their label, it’ simply just doesn’t make as much sense the consumer who is in a hurry at the super market.

In the battle of the best coffee, the trophy goes to Maxwell House. The label has a clear message, allows you to clearly see what its selling and simply stands out more than it’s competitor. Sorry Folgers, your jingle is timeless though.

I invite you to participate in the “Good Label, Bad Label” forum. We’ve all seen a bad label or twelve, so please feel free to send us some awesomely bad examples and your submission could be included in our series!

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